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Robotics Club (4th-5th Grade)

Why code robots?  Creative thinking begins with a questioning mindset and through coding we enable Mt. Bethel students to be creative thinkers with the tools of the next generation.  Robotics is the real-world application of these skills that is both highly engaging and fun for students!  Using real robotics like LEGO, Root, Ozobot, (and a new cutting edge robotics that are only available to Robotics Club members) students will learn to experiment, explore ideas and test their skills as daring young robotics engineers.  Everybody LOVES robots, in Robotics Club students will become innovative creators using 21st century skills while have a great time!

  • Program led by Ms. Kurtz
  • Wednesdays 2:30-3:30
  • Max: 25 students per session
  • Cost: $240