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If we want to set up our children for academic success, every child needs to learn to code!  Coding not only helps students with math skills, it also gives them valuable life skills that translate directly to real world tech careers.  Coding (put simply) is using the language of computers in order to make the computer perform certain functions.  In Guys Who Game, students will learn and apply computer languages like Blockly, Python, HTML, Swift, etc. but they will practice and apply the collaborative work skills necessary to be successful in and outside the classroom.  From robotics, Minecraft, game building and more, Guys Who Game will be highly engaging and evolving to support the newest coders to the most experienced.

*Recommended for Boys 3rd-5th grade

  • Program led by Ms. Kurtz
  • Thursdays 2:30-3:30
  • Max: 25 students per session
  • Cost: $235

Fall 2022: 9/12/22-12/2/22

NO CLUBS on 9/26-9/30 (FALL BREAK) &11/21-11/25 (THANKSGIVING BREAK)

11/8 (makeup will be 12/6/22)